Continuous Motivation: 4 Effective Techniques to Become Self-Motivated


Self-motivation is in your hands. You need motivation to accomplish current tasks and accept newer, more challenging tasks. You have to maintain your motivational levels when discouragement or other factors try to pull you down.

Adopt the following techniques to start acquiring higher motivational levels and achieve greater success.

1. Put Your Plans in Writing:

Writing down your plans in black and white helps you to focus more on your goals. When you write what you intend doing, you add more psychological impetus to your aims. You work more towards turning your aims into realities. Mental lists do not evoke such strong commitments and you sometimes forget all of your mental list.

Besides, social norms indicate the effectiveness of written contracts. Similarly, when you write down your aims, you feel more committed to fulfilling those objectives. This psychological factor enhances your self-motivation levels.

State in specific terms your goals, a date to fulfill your goals and specific rewards for achieving your aims or goals. Make it a point to read through your goals morning and evening before going to bed. It helps you stay motivated. Make necessary changes in your goals but try to maintain realistic limits. Make them neither too hard nor too easy. Keep it just right to maintain your motivation levels.

2. Keep your Goals within your View:

You put immense efforts in your projects to gain something at the end. Plan goals of a project as you would any material purchase like a car, or a house or a vacation at some seaside resort with your family.

Try to make these goals as visual as possible to increase levels of motivation. Cut pictures of your desired car or apartment and keep it in front of your eyes. You could take pictures of yourself driving your favorite car and keep it well within your sight always. Visualizing your house or car creates a positive impact on your mind and you feel a surge of motivation.

It does not allow you to become slack or lackadaisical in your approach towards your work. Just look at the picture whenever you feel your spirits getting low. It provides the necessary boost to push up your drowning spirits.

This technique also works well towards achievement of different physical changes in your outer self. If you want to lose weight, carry along your slimmer photographs or, if you do not have any, paste your face across pictures of other slim persons. These work well to motivate you to take up fitness regimes or to do regular exercises. You aim and try hard to get back your slim figure or persevere to acquire a slim figure. Whatever the plan, you achieve your aim to become slim.

3. Psychological way of motivating yourself:

You find the world around you just as you feel in your mind. If you are upset or tense about anything, it reflects in your mental attitudes and moods. You seem forlorn and lack energy or drive to do anything. You feel as if your world is crashing on you. These thoughts reflect on your physical self. You are unable to do anything concrete. concentration levels drop and whatever little you do could be full of mistakes.

The best way to turn yourself around is to put a smile on your face. When you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, you feel everything around you pleasant and enjoyable. You feel your spirits soaring and your energy levels rise. Your lightness of mind is reflected in your physical self. You feel motivated and spread positive energy around you.

Both your physical and mental attitudes complement each other and reflect others’ moods. Try to instill confidence in your physical self by walking erectly with a smile on your face. This boosts confidence and motivation levels. Although you are aware initially about your faking method it will, with time, become a way of life and you can motivate yourself during difficult times.

4. Rewards for your efforts:

Rewards are excellent motivators and you feel doubly happy and energetic when you receive rewards for completing something. Similarly, reward yourself on having achieved your aims and goals. Keep small rewards like a short reading session, a day off or something interesting and enjoyable. Of course, rewards need to be at par with your level of achievement. You cannot promise yourself an expensive holiday for having cleaned your car or garage. Just reward yourself for your efforts and remember to take your rewards positively to motivate yourself.


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