Never Quit: Develop Persistence to Achieve Your Goals

Persistence: Never Give Up

Life is full of challenges and you face combat with them daily. Some challenges are simple and easy to face while some pose huge problems.

You do not seem to feel simple challenges as being of any great cognizance so you have no problem dealing with them. Others may have far-reaching consequences and you need to think them through. It probably takes quite some time before you can arrive at amicable solution finally.

You have certain aims and goals in life. You have to achieve them to realize your dreams. Day in and day out, you plan for your dreams; write them on sheets of paper and work to achieving them.

Finally, when you are on the threshold of your dreams, something occurs unexpectedly and everything comes falling down:

  • you are back to square one
  • you are too upset for words
  • you feel there is no meaning in continuing with your dreams again

But this attitude is wrong!

Although you might feel that you cannot achieve your goals despite your best efforts, you should never quit. Instead, work harder this time around. You overcome mistakes each time and work better and faster. Perseverance is the key to your success. There is failure in the story behind every success, it only takes a little more effort before you achieve success. Success may elude you now but it will be yours – it is only a matter of time.

‘Never say Quit’ is the mantra of self-motivation and the main theme behind many motivational books. You can overcome all situations and hurdles. It always requires your hard work, umpteen tries and an unfailing confident attitude. These together guide your route to success.

Winning or conquering your challenges is a continuous process and not just any one event. When you pass a challenge or obstacle, the next one is ready to obstruct your path. This continuous process needs constant review. Tackle every problem with vigor and perseverance to overcome them successfully.

The very idea of quitting is in your mindset – you need to block it out. This mindset becomes more prominent when it combines with fear of failure. The fear factor makes you lose your confidence and fills you with uncertainty. You become vague; lose your focus and turn pessimistic. No negative factors can lead you to success. Rather, you become so confused that you forget the path to success, your goals, and aims in life.

You are what you think yourself to be. If you develop an attitude of quitting or losing, you can never win over circumstances. You sway along the currents of uncertainties, tossed around in all directions without any particular aim in life.

You need to change this mindset and turn the tide of events in your favor. Circumstances do not change, you change in response to circumstances and make them work favorably for you. Failure is a negative attitude, resulting from quitting.

Results of your actions come from your attitude. A negative attitude only brings the potential for failure. If you think and concentrate on winning, your winning attitude points you to victory.

Not everything works according to your plans. However, this does not indicate your failure. Instead, accept results as the best thing to happen at that point. Just continue with your work and adjust your plans. Soon, your attempts will succeed and you can reap the fruits of your hard work and determined attitude which will propel you toward further success.

Life is a continuous process and death is an inevitable part of it. It is best to keep on trying as long as you live. Until then, dwell only on the option of trying and winning through your perseverance. Never quit or back out of opportunities in life.


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