How to Remember 90% of Anything you Learn: A Simple Method Based on Research

The purpose of reading and learning is to retrieve the information stored in the brain When it’s needed. And that’s why memory plays an important role in this process. But how to get the most out of your memory? Well, The experts had developed an idea called ‘The Learning Pyramid’ which demonstrates how we acquire information in general. It was researched and created by the National training Laboratories in Bethel, Maine.

In The Passive Teaching Methods, we remember only 5% of the information acquired through lectures. And we remember 10% of the information acquired through reading. While we remember 20% of the information we learn by audio-visual learning. And We remember 30% of what we learn through demonstration.

In the Participatory Teaching Methods, we remember 50% of what we learn when we engage in group discussions. And we remember 75% of the information when we apply what we have just learned (practice by doing). While we remember 90% when we teach others what we’ve learned.

Let’s take language learning as an example. According to The Learning Pyramid, an individual can remember 30% of the words he learned that he discovered himself. And he remembers 50% through engaging in a group discussion. While he remembers 75% when he starts using those words daily. And 90% when he teaches others those words.The Learning Pyramid

From this point, experts confirm that the methods which most people follow in learning new things are ineffective and negative, Because most people rely on lectures, books, or videos, and these methods are not Interactive and they result in loss of 80% to 95% of the information we learn.

So, instead of focusing on how to make your brain remember the things you learn through these methods, focus your time and effort on the interactive methods.

If you want to learn to play an instrument, it would be better to go and play in front of a master. Through this way you’ll get some tips and tricks which will speed up your learning process.

Generally, you need to focus on learning through discussion and interacting with others, instead of learning by yourself; On practice by doing, instead of just reading and watching. And you need to teach others what you know, instead of keeping it for yourself. Also Don’t rely on a single method, but you need to focus on multiple ones.

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